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Fic - Hi-De-Hi! [Jul. 26th, 2015|04:47 pm]
British Comedy


Fandom: Hi-De-Hi!
Disclaimer: "Hi-De-Hi!" belongs to the BBC, and to the creators of the show, David Croft and Jimmy Perry.

Title: "The Debating Society"
Pairing: Jeffrey/Gladys (UST)
Timeline: Set during the season four episode "Eruptions"; departs canon.
Rated: PG-15

Summary: Jeffrey and Gladys are trapped in the Three Bears' Cottage overnight.  It's cold, and it's very uncomfortable.  Will common sense win out?

Read on AO3:   The Debating Society

Title: "World Enough, and Time"
Pairings: Jeffrey/Gladys, Clive/Gladys
Timeline: Set post-series.
Rated: PG-15

Professor Jeffrey Fairbrother is enjoying life in Wisconsin.  He looks back with affection on his time at Maplins, but he knows that Entertainment Management was not for him.  The USA is shaking loose some of those inhibitions.  He's even making friends.

Gladys Dempster knows she has a lot to be thankful for.  She has an exciting new life in Australia.  She has a handsome and charming husband, a lovely home, and weather that puts the British Isles to shame.

Clive Dempster is very happy with his new wife, and glad to embrace the role of devoted husband.  Almost all of the time.

Happy endings all round, then...
...so why does it feel so wrong?

Read on AO3:   World Enough, and Time